Pattern Regeneration specializes in design, planning, and management for cannabis farms interested in developing diversified regenerative practices.

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We use site- and situation-specific techniques to increase biodiversity while ensuring clean, consistent production standards.We aim to help cultivators produce top-shelf cannabis, on a conscious scale, with high production per square foot.


Our long-term goal is to promote closed-loop cycling of animal and plant fertility, reducing farm inputs and related expenses. We want to help more cannabis farms develop adaptive breeding programs that foster a level of health and quality that industrial farms can't match.


With over a decade of hands-on farming experience, Pattern Regenerations principal, Josh DeVries is interested in creating productive, biome-appropriate farm systems that require minimal inputs and management in the long term.

 Josh is inspired by holistic management and rotational grazing practices that establish healthy soils and vegetation. He wants to help farms incorporate animals, strategize for fire prevention, and plan for redundancy in water systems, ideally reducing usage from groundwater sources. He is a dedicated seed saver, bonafied plant geek, permaculturalist, artist and designer. He understands the ecological benefits of establishing food forests, windbreaks, pollinator hedges, and how to fit the pieces of a closed loop farm together. Its not hard to see that more and more in our dry California climate, the value of productive, resilient landscapes may also equate to real-estate dollars in the future.

The cannabis community is starting to embrace similar economics as food farmers. Unfortunately, many will turn to cheap chemicals and the same exploitive labor practices agriculture is already famous for. Many consumers in California are clearly interested in sourcing from small batch cannabis producers because they recognize there is an inherent quality in small scale organic farming that simply cannot be achieved with industrial production. The future of cannabis may see small farmers begin to diversify what they produce, cater to very specific markets, as well as adopt new methods that require minimal inputs and labor. From planting perennial crops and implementing rotational grazing, to cultivating top shelf cannabis and utilizing tried-and-true companion plants, Josh is passionate about sequestering carbon. He appreciates when clients understand the value of these practices and want to support them. He is interested in assisting farms trying to implement these practices in any capacity he may be useful. Josh has a permaculture design certificate from http://www.permacultureskillscenter.org, where he took an Ecological Landscaper Immersion class with Erik Ohlsen and Toby Hemenway, and has taken a number of short classes over the years with teachers such as Darren Doherty of Regrarians.org, author Robert Kourik, and soils guru Dan Kitteridge of http://bionutrient.org/site/growers/agronomy-consulting

Josh looks forward to helping you streamline your season, work toward closed-loop fertility systems, and create diverse, abundant farmscapes.