design and layout

Drawing on years of observing and interacting with different sites and gardens, using broad-spectrum analysis tools like permaculture to identify important aspects of your farm, we build and evolve a design that connects the dots and makes daily work easier while turning waste streams into resources.

tree and perennial selection 


 Extensive experience with thousands of plants allows us to narrow the field of experimentation considerably in finding the best performing species for your sites needs. Living view blocks, windbreaks, shade trees, fertility catches, or ground covers can all be very useful in the right application. Plants that have multiple yields of food, mulch or fertility ensure you a system that thrives with minimal inputs of time or money, and a lasting benefit to your landscape.

training and education

Get your employees trained on best practices, what they need to look for to keep ahead of challenges, and thinking critically about why problems occur. The best workers understand why things are done certain ways, instead of simply how to do them.

breeding programs

Develop your clonal selection and seed breeding program to your specific market, ideally networking between neighboring farms for adapted genetics. From breeding productive CBDs for topicals, to developing the right lines for pre rolls, oil production, or whatever your market is requiring, we can help you plan and implement the kind of farm that can weather the storms of Californias future.

pest management



Implement an Integrated Pest Management schedule to address problems before they arise, establish a regime of processes or products that work for you but are safe for humans and beneficials. Many things can be made on farm, and in some cases are more effective that store-bought. Ideally farmers can learn to create habitat for predators, and foster a diverse natural ecosystem that supports healthy plants. 

planning and stratategy


Plan for the long term, or simply for the upcoming season. many approaches to installation, harvest, or land use planning can be streamlined to save labor and other inputs. plan ahead on selection of genetics, timing of rotation and successions with early, middle, and late finishing varietals to maximize you potential yields over the full season.

damage control


As any experienced farmer can tell you, in an agricultural venture many things can go wrong at any point along the way. If they do, give us a call before you take drastic measures, we may be able to help with your immediate situation and also prevent its reoccurrence in the future.